“Best Christmas Releases for 2005”

  1. Gonna Let it Shine- Odetta
  2. The Seasons- Jane Monheit
  3. ’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime- “She weaves in a handful of Christmas tunes with the Huron Carol as a theme, and it’s just her voice and piano. When I listened to it, I thought this is someone who sat down and thought about the words and what she’s singing about and conveying atmosphere. I may give her a Spirit award; that’s how much I like this one.”
  4. Noel- Anonymous 4
  5. Shout the Glad Tidings- The Singers
  6. Comfort and Joy Vol. 2- Cantus
  7. Christmas at the Carillon- Conspirare
  8. Most Wonderful Time- The Blenders
  9. Holidays in Harmonica Land- Bruce Kurnow

—Dave Richards, Erie Times-News

It takes a lot to get the attention of someone with nearly 6000 Christmas CDs.  Your recording did--it is really special!  I'll be raving about it as well as playing it for my listeners.
Gerry Grzyb, WRST-FM, Wisconsin Public Radio
When the sky is gray with the promise of snow, twilight has a very different feel from its summer counterpart.  The snow-covered farm on the back of Lorraine Nelson Wolf's 'Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime captures that feeling, but so does the music. She has arranged a mere handful of Christmas songs into a coherent album centered around the title tune, using her lovely voice and some incredibly sensitive piano playing to create that elusive atmosphere between day and night, world and dreamworld.
—Dr. Christmas, Post Crescent News

Lorraine Nelson Wolf's 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime is an intensely lyrical album, rare and gentle like the softest flakes of snow, but warm when the lovely music melts against your cheek. I love music like this--a little folk, a little classical, with new age tinges. This intimate album is all about Nelson Wolf''s remarkably warm and welcoming voice and accomplished piano accompaniment, and eleven excellent tracks of traditional holiday fare. Three pieces ("O Come, O Come Emmanuel," "Wachet Auf (Sleeper Awake)," and "In Dulci Jubilo/Bring a Torch") are intricate instrumentals; the rest include Nelson Wolf's textured, emotive voice.
Everything works wonderfully on this CD. The centerpiece is the title number "'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" (otherwise known as "The Huron Carol"), one of my all-time favorite seasonal numbers. Nelson Wolf handles it in three "parts" here, providing three relatively short a cappella verses of this sweet carol interspersed throughout the album. Interestingly, each subsequent "part" starts on a slightly higher key. And speaking of a cappella singing, Nelson Wolf also does a magnificent "Mary Had a Baby," which includes an a cappella final verse that had me smiling from ear to ear. 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime is a first-class Christmas album for a broad audience. Lorraine Nelson Wolf's presence here provides an immediate glow; bring that soft light into your living room for an exceptional holiday experience.
—Carol Swanson, Christmas


(Collected from online retailers)

A great CD, deeply personal yet universally appealing. If a worship CD is designed to draw us closer to God, then this is a worship CD in the best sense of the word. I listen to it on my way to work and feel that God is walking beside me as I step into my building.

This CD is a wonderful collection of spiritual songs that always make me feel totally at peace. I love the music, the instruments, the composition and everything else about it. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to music -- for reflection, or simply soothing the soul!

Lorraine's version of The Lord's Prayer is haunting in the best sense of the word: both upliting and earthy. It's a reminder that both body and soul are precious gifts of grace.

At last, intelligent, and heartfelt, strong music and inspiring lyrics of lasting impact. Peerless performance with an astonishing sincerity coming through. I recommend it, after you have tired of the others, you will put this one on again and again.

Music for the Spirit- An amazing collection of deeply moving songs. I enjoyed the earlier 'Songs from Hopewell,' and this new CD carries the experience to another level. The songs touch the heart. The liner notes are very interesting as they document the development of the music. A great add to our collection.

Lorraine's songs touch my heart and lift my spirit. In our world so filled with upheaval and uncertainty, 'Songs From Hopewell' is an oasis of quiet beauty and splendor.

Food for the Mind & Heart! Lorraine Nelson Wolf's music grows more beautiful with each listening. Her albums are "must-haves.

The uplifting message in the music on this CD is one that will appeal to many searching for God. We have used several songs as opening meditations in our small group. Wonderful collection!

I love this CD!  I have had the pleasure and privilege of hearing Lorraine perform songs from this new CD. Her music is moving and inspirational. The lyrics of her songs speak to my heart. More Songs from Hopewell is a wonderful musical achievement.


WINNER of a 2004 & 2009 Parents’ Choice Award!

Ms. Nelson Wolf’s Come Follow Me CDs should be treasured and sung with generations here and to come.
—Lahri Bond, Parents’ Choice Awards 2009

If you are longing for truly beautiful, lilting acoustical music, clear, and lovely vocals and the classic songs that every child young old enjoys, visit Lorraine Nelson Wolf’s website to listen to these folk and Walforf-inspired samples:

These Parents’ Choice approved Award Winners should be a part of every child’s world–from 3 to 103. You and your children will be singing along in no time. These are songs that talk of beauty, nature, love, laughter and delight. Each CD is accompanied by a little booklet which contains the words to all the songs.
—Home Educator’s Family Times

Lorraine Nelson Wolf's clear, soothing voice is full of warmth making her CD a real listening pleasure not only for children but for us older folks, as well. Ranging from reverent to wonder-filled to the whimsical, many of the 25 songs are oriented around nature and the changing seasons. All are simple but beautifully arranged with piano, accordion, harp, or guitar accompaniment. Sure to capture your heart, it did mine!
—A Childs’ Dream Come True

This album is unlike almost every other children's album made in the last 20 years. Its melodies are plain and the vocals are bright and clear. These are simple but beautifully arranged songs with piano, accordion, harp, and guitar accompaniment.
These are all songs from the canon of Waldorf Education, which teaches among other things a reverence of nature and beauty So, these songs will be familiar to Waldorf children. But all children will find these songs as inviting as the opening song, which invites them to "follow, follow, follow me" through the year, with songs for all the seasons.                                                                                                           

Concerts & Song Gift

The weekend that you spent with us has had a lasting impact on the worship life of our church. I long ago lost count of all those who have expressed their appreciation for the "Song Gift Sunday" that you shared with us. It was so much more than just a concert, it was a mountain-top spiritual experience for all in attendance.
—Christopher T. Jenkins, Director of Music and Worship
First Baptist Church of Springfield, VA

Lorraine's music reached the very depths of personal pain and loss and kissed it with the healing touch of love and forgiveness. She is a gifted musician whose life is laid open in her own compositions, and in doing so she touched our emotions. We plan on having her back.
—Pastor Dave Hondorp, Lyall Federated Church, Millbrook, NY

Every time you sang your beautiful songs I cried. You have a divine gift for pulling out emotions of love and joy to the listener. Your performance was magnificent. Thank you for your gift.
—Judy Moen, Music Director, Unity South Church, Bloomington, MN

Lorraine's ability as a singer and as a songwriter is a true gift from God. Her fresh arrangements of old favorite hymns honor their original composers, and touch the hearts of people who love traditional hymnody.  At the same time, her original songs dealing with contemporary life speak to the circumstances of people who are unchurched, and who have a hard time relating to the more formal language of traditional church music. Lorraine gives us all common ground, a place where we can come together, lift our voices, and worship the Lord our God, a place to share our joys and our sorrows, and come to understand and appreciate one another. This is music that celebrates, consoles, comforts and brings unity to the Body of Christ. Lorraine's gift makes Christ relevant to the world that we live in today. We are blessed to have her in our midst.
—Rev. Catherin Gumpert, Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ

What a gentle but profound experience! Lorraine and her family are a joy to be with, and they connected in a meaningful way with parishioners. We are still a small Vermont church that is facing many challenges, but a song of hope continues to echo in our hearts, thanks to Lorraine's concert.
Pastor Connie Moser, Ascutney Union Church, Ascutney, VT

Listening to Lorraine is another means of having a spiritual experience. Her lyrical voice and her music both elevated my soul and expanded my heart. It was a time of healing and celebration of humanity and our oneness.
Diane Naas, Unity South Church, Bloomington, MN

I just want to thank you for your gracious gift of music to us this weekend. Your stories and songs are heartwarming and undeniably connected with our congregants and persons within the Blairstown community. As I said to our music and worship ministry members (who ranted and raved about the concert and Sunday AM worship service) your songs have such profound mystical edge to them that the listener is drawn out of the pew and dropped off into the realm of worship, into the presence of God. It is an incredible talent that you give to we who listen.

Thanks again for gracing us with your musical gift.
Rev. David Harvey, Blairstown Presbyterian Church

Sheet Music

(A few letters from pastors, choir and music directors)

Our children’s choir, Joyful Noise, sang your “A Song For My Mom” on Mother’s Day.
There was not a dry eye in the house!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful music.
P. Walton, Director of Music/Programs

I have enjoyed your music for the last several years.  We sing your doxology in a rotation and the congregation has grown to love it!  Last year we used the “One Light” with multiple generations and it greatly enhanced our candle lighting time in Advent.  

I would love to use your new song, “We Light these Candles” this year.  Thank you for sending the complete arrangement.

May God bless you in your music ministry.  He is using you as His musical messenger!
Always singing His praises,
L. Hardy, Director of Music Ministry

Dear Ms. Nelson Wolf:

I found your song “Room for All” to be powerful, inspiring, and loving. Thank you. I don't usually go much for contemporary Christian music, but this song is direct, tuneful, and melodic, not to mention the wonderful lyrics.
Thank you,
D. Meeter, Pastor, Old First Reformed Church

Dear Lorraine,
I wanted to thank you so very much for your gift of music to our congregation this Advent. The song, "One Light," has been a real blessing to our folks with its simple sincerity and beauty.  We are using four members of the same family to sing the song for each of the four Sundays and Christmas Eve.  This is not the first or your songs that we have used.  You have a real gift for meeting the needs of local churches with songs that speak to the heart and spirit.  Please know or our appreciation.  I pray you have the most blessed and joyful of Christmas seasons for you, your family, and your congregation!
C. Jenkins, Minister of Music and Worship

Dear Lorraine:
Thank you for sending the music.  We will incorporate singing “One Light” into our Advent candlelighting. 

Not only did our children sing “Feed my Sheep,” but our confirmation class made a multimedia presentation with it as the music for that same service.  We are a traditional worship church, which is presenting intergenerational services every 5 weeks as part of an integrated education and worship ministry.  Feed My Sheep was the “heart” of our worship on October 16.

So yes, your ministry is blessing others, and your creativity is sparking creativity in others. 
Have a blessed Advent.
Rev. D. Keller, First Congregational Church, UCC

Your music and arrangements is as if you were writing for our little church.  We are the Tabler Presbyterian Church located near Martinsburg, WV.  We are about a 40 member rural church in a church structure built in 1910; this year we will celebrate our 100th anniversary.  We use your music for special occasions - baptism, celebration of the Lord’s supper, and holidays.  We have a young lady who sings very much like you do and our pianist can make your arrangements sound real and valid.
God bless you in your ministry,
Rev. B. Moore

Dear Lorraine,
Thank you very much!  God has given you such beautiful gifts for music and ministry, and I appreciate your willingness to share some of your gifts with us.

We have a young women's trio--all are mid-twenties--who have sung your "Praise God" in worship this summer--they chose to sing it a cappella the first week, and the congregation loved hearing it.  In a couple of successive Sundays, we had the trio or our choir sing it once (with me playing your accompaniment part) and the congregation sing it the second time.  It was a refreshing change for our traditional congregation--they are trying hard to expand beyond their comfort zone musically!  Presbyterians have to challenge the stereotype of "frozen chosen"!

With prayers and gratitude for the bounty of your continued ministry,
L. Nicholson