What Is a Song Gift Weekend

a Saturday night concert of Lorraine’s inspirational music followed by the gift of a song written for your church and offered at worship the next morning.

Imagine a song written to accompany your sermon, scripture for the day, or particular theme.

Imagine giving members of your congregation a gift of song for one special Sunday that they can continue to sing well into the future, a song that is deeply personal

Imagine a Song Gift Weekend! Enter here:

The weekend that you spent with us has had a lasting impact on the worship life of our church. I long ago lost count of all those who have expressed their appreciation for the "Song Gift Sunday" that you shared with us. It was so much more than just a concert, it was a mountain-top spiritual experience for all in attendance.

—Christopher T. Jenkins, Director of Music and Worship, First Baptist Church of Springfield, VA

Lorraine's ability as a singer and as a songwriter is a true gift from God. Her fresh arrangements of old favorite hymns honor their original composers, and touch the hearts of people who love traditional hymnody.  At the same time, her original songs dealing with contemporary life speak to the circumstances of people who are unchurched, and who have a hard time relating to the more formal language of traditional church music. Lorraine gives us all common ground, a place where we can come together, lift our voices, and worship the Lord our God, a place to share our joys and our sorrows, and come to understand and appreciate one another. This is music that celebrates, consoles, comforts and brings unity to the Body of Christ. Lorraine's gift makes Christ relevant to the world that we live in today. We are blessed to have her in our midst.

—Rev. Catherin Gumpert, Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ

Lorraine's music reached the very depths of personal pain and loss and kissed it with the healing touch of love and forgiveness. She is a gifted musician whose life is laid open in her own compositions, and in doing so she touched our emotions. We plan on having her back.

—Pastor Dave Hondorp, Lyall Memorial Federated Church, Millbrook, NY

Some of the churches, individuals, and organizations that have been gifted: The Reformed Church in America; Guideposts; Love, Inc.; Room For All; The Warwick Center; Harvey Cedars Bible Conference; Pastors Hartmut and Susan Kramer-Mills and the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick, NJ; Pastor David Harvey and the Blairstown Presbyterian Church, Blairstown, NJ; Pastor Thomas Duncan and the Lynwood Reformed Church, Schenectady, NY; Pastor Randy Prentiss; Pastor James Neevel and the Christ Community Reformed Church, Clifton Park, NY; Pastor Constance Moser and the Ascutney Union Church, Ascutney, VT; Pastor Taylor Holbrook and the Hopewell Reformed Church, Hopewell Junction, NY; Pastor Catherin Gumpert and the Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ; Evelyn Freed; Pastor Kathryn Davelaar and the Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack, Claverack, NY; Pastor James Beukelman and the Senior Choir of the Reformed Church of Port Ewen, Port Ewen, NY; Pastor Marlene Qualle and the Unity Church of Bloomington, Bloomington, MN; Christopher T. Jenkins, Director of Music and Worship and the Sanctuary Choir of the First Baptist Church of Springfield, Springfield, VA; Pastor Dave Hondorp and the Lyall Memorial Federated Church, Millbrook, NY; Pastor Ryan Nace and the Senior Choir of St. John's Reformed Church, Red Hook, NY; Pastor Miguel Cruz, Worship Leaders Dave and Cindy Driver, and the Haven Shores Community Church, West Olive, MI