What Is a Song Gift Weekend?
A gift of song . . .
Song for your community . . .
Song for your church . . .

Lorraine has released two award-winning CDs of music she wrote for her home church. She is now bringing this gift of song to churches around the country. Appearing in concert with her husband, musician/producer Godfrey Nelson, and their twelve-year-old daughter, Lorraine’s program, “Songs and Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope,” is a journey of faith expressed in music, winding through love and loss—and ultimately to hope. Sunday services can be gifted not only with a memorable composed song but also with Lorraine's settings of service music, such as her “Praise God (Doxology),” now being sung in churches worldwide.

Each Song Gift Weekend is unique to the church that hosts it. Plan a Saturday night concert and invite members of the community to join you in worship the next morning. Or make Sunday a celebration day, following worship with a luncheon and ending with a concert. Include your children’s choir, adult choir, soloists and/or instrumentalists in the Song Gift or special service music. After the weekend is over, your Song Gift will live on in a printed score that Lorraine will present to your church.

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A Song Gift Sunday
The First Baptist Church of Springfield, Virginia


Chris Jenkins, Minister of Music and Worship, contacted me about coming to First Baptist Church for a Song Gift Weekend. He had been using some of my music in worship and was interested in a Song Gift where the concert would be on the same day as worship. After choosing a date, we began planning for the service through email and phone conversations. Five months later, Lauren and I arrived at this beautiful church on a Saturday night after the drive down from New York. Chris met us there and brought extra arms to help set up as my husband Godfrey was home with the flu!

Sunday morning began at 8:30, meeting with Chris and the Sanctuary Choir in the choir room to rehearse service music as well as "This I Believe," the Song Gift I wrote for the choir. The song fit into the series the preaching ministers were presenting called "This We Believe." I based the text on The Baptist Faith and Message. The choir sounded wonderful on all of the morning's music!



A majestic organ and piano prelude played by Connie Jenkins and Chris Kang opened the morning service. Voices were raised in hymns and choruses and a sermon on God's Word was preached by Pastor Jim Weaver. I had the opportunity to sing with the choir several times during worship, singing "Praise God," "The Lord's Prayer," and "This I Believe."


After worship, a wonderful lunch was served. Lauren is still talking about the delicious lasagna. Our thanks go to the chefs and the kitchen staff for preparing such a feast. The time of food and fellowship was enjoyed by people of all ages.

  Back in the sanctuary, I rehearsed with my special concert guests, the Melody Makers and the Young Musicians children's choirs. They had prepared the song "Feed Your Sheep" under Chris's direction. Thank you, young choir members, for singing so beautifully!
  The sanctuary began to fill up and soon it was time for...the concert! Lauren and I enjoyed playing for such an attentive and generous audience. I'd especially like to thank the children's choirs for being such polite audience members.




Afterwards, Lauren and I had the opportunity to speak with many people in what was a wonderful end to our Song Gift Sunday. We send our heartfelt thanks to everyone at First Baptist for the hospitality and warm welcome you gave us. You made our visit a blessed one that we'll remember!



My very special thanks go to Chris Jenkins and the First Baptist Church of Springfield for making this Song Gift possible!

PS- Godfrey missed a wonderful time at First Baptist but I'm thrilled to say we've been invited back for a very special event this August! We'll look forward to seeing you again.

Would you like to contribute to a Song Gift Weekend? Donate here and know that all contributions will go towards bringing Lorraine and her family to a new church. To sponsor a weekend at your church, please contact Lorraine directly.

More Comments on Song Gift Weekends

What a gentle but profound experience! Lorraine and her family are a joy to be with, and they connected in a meaningful way with parishioners. We are still a small Vermont church that is facing many challenges, but a song of hope continues to echo in our hearts, thanks to Lorraine's concert.
—Pastor Connie Moser, Ascutney Union Church, Ascutney, VT

Lorraine’s ability to listen is magnificent. Not only was she able to hear where our community of faith was at, but also how the Holy Spirit was moving in and through the Word of God. She then put what she heard to music. I truly believe that what St. John’s received during our Song Gift Weekend was not just a song, but a God-breathed message from the Almighty.
—Pastor Ryan Nace, St. John’s Reformed Church, Red Hook, NY

Lorraine’s visit to Faith Church was a wonderful finish to our church wide 30 Days to Live spiritual growth emphasis. Her songs and stories during the Saturday evening concert inspired us and left us longing for more. Her participation during our Sunday service brought a powerful new dimension and authenticity to our worship. Her Song Gift called “This is the Day” encapsulated God’s message perfectly and brought tears to our eyes. Music goes directly to the heart and God is using Lorraine to touch people in a very potent way. We will never forget our Song Gift Weekend and that “This is the day we were born to live!”
—Rev. Dr. Albert Potgieter, Faith Reformed Church, Slate Hill, NY

Our song gift weekend took place on September 11th and 12th. It combined a concert on the evening of the anniversary of 9/11 with our Rally Sunday the following day. That Sunday marked the beginning of the new Sunday school year. During worship, Lorraine presented There Is Joy, her gift of a song to the congregation.
Lorraine’s music and texts are so interesting because they seem to build bridges for those divided by their preference for either traditional hymn singing or contemporary praise music. While modern in rhythm and instrumentation, Lorraine’s lyrics are as serious and educated as many of our old hymn texts. Some of the criticism against modern praise music simply does not apply to them. In addition, many of Lorraine’s themes are developed from traditional ones. We were especially delighted to hear her intonation of the first article of the Heidelberg Catechism. What better way to celebrate a new school year?
—Pastor Hartmut Kramer-Mills, First Reformed Church of New Brunswick, NJ

Listening to Lorraine is another means of having a spiritual experience. Her lyrical voice and her music both elevated my soul and expanded my heart. It was a time of healing and celebration of humanity and our oneness.
—Diane Naas, Unity South Church, Bloomington, MN

The church family at Wentworth Congregational Church and I as Pastor want to thank you for the beautiful concert you gave. It was a mountaintop experience for all of us. The variety of music you played and the use of the instruments—keyboard, piano, organ, and harp—were an inspiration. It was one of those special concerts that you wish would go on for another hour. We want you to come back to Wentworth this summer for a concert on our village green. Wentworth Congregational Church is honored to have you as a friend.
—Pastor Don Sweimler, Wentworth Congregational Church, Wentworth, NH

Every time you sang your beautiful songs I cried. You have a divine gift for pulling out emotions of love and joy to the listener. Your performance was magnificent. Thank you for your gift.
—Judy Moen, Music Director, Unity South Church, Bloomington, MN